5 Questions w/ 'The Originals' Littlest Witch


Now that The Originals has successfully relocated The Mikaelsons to New Orleans, and introduced you to the cadre of new characters who also call the Bayou home, it can start digging deeper into who these men and women are. Tonight's episode allows the show's youngest star, Danielle Campbell, to take center stage.

Girl in New Orleans
sees her character, Davina, finally get out of the attic and wreak some havoc on the town's most venomous vampires -- but exactly who is Davina, and why is she locked away? I tried to pry that answer out of Campbell!

ETonline: Looking back, what was the audition process for The Originals like?

Danielle Campbell: I remember the process being so different because they didn't have an idea of what kind of actor they wanted for most of the roles. There wasn't a bunch of girls with brown hair and my height auditioning for Davina, it was everybody, so they were looking for people who fit he roles and made the character their own. I took her on as a project, and just love her, which is what I think helped me.

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ETonline: Would you say she's skillfully using magic or is she still learning?

Campbell: She's still really young and learning to use this power that has been given to her. You see that she always has this look of "I can't believe I just did that" whenever she does magic. To me, she's not this evil girl who wants to kill everyone; she's struggling with normal anger and can't control how it gets released.

ETonline: Like with her drawings; in real life, are you a good artist?

Campbell: [laughs] No! They have me watching YouTube videos for practice and I've been showing everyone my first drawing, which looked like a 5-year-old's deformed interpretation of a face. The videos are helping, but I still need some work. I will have stick figures down by the end of the season!

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ETonline: Clearly Davina was not born and raised in this attic, she was put there, yet seems to feel no resentment towards Marcel. Is it Stockholm Syndrome, or does she understand why she's there?

Campbell: Davina knows why she's in this attic so there's no resentment towards the people who put her there. Her resentment is towards other people but she does want to get out. She's a teenage girl, she wants a life outside the attic, wants to be around people -- she's just a normal girl who has these gifts that she's learning to control throughout the series. That's what makes her human to the audience.

ETonline: Tonight's episode looks like a big one for Davina, what are you excited for the audience to see?

Campbell: I'm super excited about the upcoming episodes. Episode 5 goes into the history of the witches, and you'll get a feeling of the New Orleans witchery -- so much becomes clearer because you’ll see everything!

The Originals
airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.