Exclusive Clips: 'Million Dollar Shoppers' at Work


We often compliment celebrities for their fashion savvy, but it's often expert shoppers that select the majority of their wardrobe behind the scenes. Lifetime's new series Million Dollar Shoppers pulls back the curtain on personal shoppers for high-profile clients.

On the upcoming episode of the reality series, we discover that even though picking out clothing for the rich and famous is a prestigious position, it doesn't come without some routine conflict, as the personal shoppers' fashion sense doesn't always click with their clients'.

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Although personal shopper Derek Roche boasts working for celebrity clients Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kobe Bryant without a disappointment in the above clip, he butts heads with his client Danielle when he calls her "tacky" later in the episode.

Fellow personal shopper Barbet Smith has also decked out the wardrobes of some exorbitantly wealthy people, but like Derek, she's not immune to dealing with conflict, which we see in the clip as she plans wedding wardrobe.

VIDEO: The Wealthy & Picky on 'Million Dollar Shoppers'

Watch the exclusive clips above, and check out Million Dollar Shoppers Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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