Kids Take Over the Kitchen on 'MasterChef Junior'


The pressure of working at a fine-dining establishment during peak hours is stressful enough for seasoned professional chefs, so will it prove too much to handle for young culinary wizards competing on FOX's MasterChef Junior?

PICS: Celebrity Restaurateurs

On this week's episode, the six remaining child contestants have to work the kitchen at a busy upscale restaurant in Los Angeles. The kids have been split up into two teams, red and blue, and must work as hard, fast, and professionally as possible to stay in the game.

In this exclusive clip, MasterChef Junior's Gordon Ramsey briefs the young contestants on what they will be doing during the challenge, and then rattles off diners' orders like a machine gun. Despite the difficulty of this particular challenge, these kids seem up to it.

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What critics seem to love about MasterChef Junior is that it really is a celebration of young people's talents. These preteen prodigies are making amazing dishes, and while the famously-gruff Ramsey is often demanding and sharp-tongued, it always seems to be in the spirit of building up talents and not tearing down spirits.

Check out this super-fun episode of MasterChef Junior on Friday, October 25 at 8/7c on FOX.