WATCH: 'Elementary' Star Lucy Liu's Cover Shoot


In her current TV crime drama Elementary, Lucy Liu portrays a modern-day female version of Sherlock Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) famous sidekick Watson as the duo sets out to crack the NYPD's most impossible cases. But as we learn in this behind-the-scenes look into Liu's current CBS Watch cover story, she reveals she'd still really love to do comedy!

When asked about whether she plans to keep mixing things up in her movie and TV roles, Liu said she absolutely would like to, but also added that she definitely wants to keep doing comedic roles. "I love comedy, but I don't think people think of me for a romantic comedy and I keep pursuing that, because I just love them."

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She also offered up her reasoning for why she thinks she doesn't get offered more romantic comedy roles. "Because they want to see me punching people and getting my head cut off, which is great," she joked. "But can I also do that? I'm raising my hand, but no one's picking me."

As part of her cover story, Lucy took part in a "fabulous" photo shoot at New York's historic hotel The Carlyle. She describes her various looks as "very chic and elegant, but also very youthful," and added that the photo shoot was almost like taking on a new role. "It's been really fun... just to try on things, and it's like playing a part when you do something like this."

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Watch the video for more, and pick up a copy of the latest issue of CBS Watch -- on newsstands now -- to also hear Lucy respond to whether there will ever be romantic sparks between Watson and Sherlock, and to hear her thoughts on how opportunities have changed in Hollywood for Asian-American actors.

Elementary airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.