Exclusive 'Family Tree' Bonus Scene


Somehow a confluence of events led me to missing Family Tree when it aired on HBO earlier this year. A surprising error on my part given how much I adore creator Christopher Guest (Best in Show, Waiting For Guffman) and star Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids, Girls). Thankfully I recently rectified my mistake by binge-watching the entire first season -- not tough to do considering it's only eight 30-minute episodes -- and was bowled over by how fantastic the series is.

Hilarious, yes, but heartfelt as well -- something Guest became a master of through his big screen exploits (try not to cry during Mitch & Mickey's performance of Kiss at the End of the Rainbow) and puts to masterful use here.

ETonline scored a bonus clip off the DVD that spotlights Nina Conti's performance as Bea Chadwick and her puppet/psychological crutch, Monkey. Watch Conti express her disillusionment at meeting some extended members of her family. 

Family Tree: The Complete First Season
hits DVD on October 29.