Deborah Norville & the Stories That Stuck with Her


Inside Edition's Deborah Norville is revisiting some of the show's most poignant stories in honor of its upcoming anniversary.

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In the 25 years that the show has been on the air -- 18 of them with Norville -- they've covered disasters, beauty pageants and everything in between, but Norville shared with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer, that her favorites are the health stories with happy endings.

Norville recalled one instance where a doctor refused to give up on finding a solution for a mysterious illness that was threatening a little girl's life. After baffling many experts, one physician took the time to research the girl's condition until he solved the problem.

"Those stories I love," said Norville. "For anybody watching this interview, the take home for them is: Lord willing, you'll never need to know any of the things that you and I are talking about, but if you or someone you care about does have a medical problem and you believe that the power of the media can be an important tool, there's a way to go about it."

Norville's new book The Way We Are, out now, goes into more detail about the show's operation from behind the scenes.