'Elysium' Is Becoming A Reality TV Show!

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, Matt Damon's 2013 sci-fi actioner about a society split into The Haves and The Have-Nots, may not have lit up the box office but it proved popular enough for the big brains at Syfy to wonder what that world would actually look like, so they built a reality show around the concept. Welcome to Opposite Worlds!

VIDEO - Matt Damon Talks Elysium's Social Importance

Beginning January 21, Syfy will embark on a six-week experiment that splits 14 people into two teams; one will live like The Jetsons (ie: the future) while the other will live like Cavemen (ie: the past). The two "worlds" will be separated by a glass wall, forcing each side to contemplate the pros and cons of both lifestyles.

Every week the teams will participate in challenges designed to emphasize their drastically different lifestyles with the winning team saved and one player from the losing team being eliminated. Making matters more elaborate, viewers will be able to impact the decision through social media. Check out a very early sneak peek at Opposite Worlds!

Opposite Worlds
premieres January 21 on Syfy.