'Secret Prince' Oliver on Looking for Love in U.S.


The Honourable Oliver Plunkett of Ireland is going undercover and looking for love in Austin, Texas in season two of TLC's entertaining reality series, Secret Princes. ETonline is chatting with Oliver, heir to a Barony, about moving from an Irish castle to a rundown, filthy, frat-house-esque abode to find love Stateside. He answers: was the house really that dirty? How did the guys get by on their food truck and car wash salaries? Which of the other princes was the easiest to live with? And who is Oliver's perfect girl? Read on to hear what he had to say.

ETonline: When you guys got to the house [it almost seemed like] you were living in a frat house, almost like you were back in college, did it feel like that?

Oliver Plunkett: If you looked at a frat house I'm sure what they had would be a palace compared to what we had. My room smelled of pee, there was no water in the toilet; I think my room was a toilet at some point. I went to boarding school, I was in terrible living arrangements with 15 other people, so I have roughed it before, but it was little things that humans require like a little bit of running water, [and] there was dirt everywhere. But whatever, it's a little dirt, it won't kill everyone. There was a lack of privacy, the doors didn't work, and I think that's what got all of us kind of annoyed living there -- the fact that things didn't work. It was dirty as well. I would look at the plates and I was like, "Why?" Even if I washed it, it wouldn't be useable. And it just wasn't nice and it wasn't comfortable.

ETonline: I noticed it looked really dirty when you moved in and as a viewer I thought that maybe it [just looked] like that for the cameras, [but] was it really like that?

Oliver: Unfortunately it was like that and normal people would think, "I'm going to clean it," but we didn't clean it and it only got worse by the time we went on.

ETonline: [Laughing] My thought would be the first thing I would do is get rubber gloves and some bleach, [since] it's one thing to live in your own dirt but to live in someone else's dirt is kind of gross, so you guys didn't do any cleaning at all?

Oliver: I wouldn't say we were lazy, but it wasn't our mess and I wasn't going to do it because I thought someone else would do it, and they thought the same thing, but in the end no one was going to do it. And we weren't at home any more because we don't have our staff to come in and clean it.

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ETonline: I thought that maybe a maid was going to come in and clean it [when the cameras stopped rolling].

Oliver: [Laughing] No that's the spoiler, there was no maid to come in and clean. We live in our own filth like a bunch of, I won't say pigs because pigs are actually very clean, but whatever dirty animal you want to say.

ETonline: How was it living with the other guys and the follow up to that is who was the easiest to live with and who was the most difficult?

Oliver: That's a complicated question. I would put both James and Alex on the same level on how easy it was to live with. I enjoyed living with Lorenzo because he just made me laugh all the time and I found him hilarious. Everything that came out of his mouth was gold for me. As much as he was annoying sometimes, I mean we called him princess for awhile, he made up for it but made me laugh the whole time. The easiest by far was Alexander and James.

ETonline: In terms of going undercover and working, it seemed like you enjoyed working at the sandwich shop. Was it difficult for you, and did you have to swallow your pride in order to do that?

Oliver: I loved it, I was having a great time. The problem was I wasn't good at doing the work correctly. … Working a food truck isn't so bad if you're doing it terribly. It sucks if you're trying to do it correctly. I will have to admit, my work was sub-par. But I did make a couple of sandwiches and was a good microphone worker for my boss Lucky. He would tell me names to shout and I would shout them so I kind of did my job, I won't give any spoilers but it was an interesting job experience.

ETonline: What would you say was the hardest aspect of adjusting to life in the US?

Oliver: Working really was the hardest aspect. Getting there on time was difficult, knowing my way around the town. … Just the lack of money because we would want to go out and spend lots of money because it felt like we were on holiday and we were in a new country, but the fact was we really weren't on holiday because we didn't have enough money to do anything.

ETonline: How little money did you have? Like, could you go buy a Budweiser?

Oliver: We had enough to get things and to eat but we didn't have enough to go out and have a proper blast and in reality I think we would have had a lot more fun if they would have upped how much we were getting or how much we could get to go out and spend. But yeah, unfortunately it just wasn't enough to go and keep us going. It made the whole thing more real, and it felt like we were actually working hard to make ends meet and if we didn't make our quota then we couldn't go out and do what we were supposed to do. I think that's why the show worked out so well. It made us also appreciate people who do have to work so hard to go out and pay their rent and to make ends meet and who do have to work so hard. People sitting there everyday spending their days and their weekends, giving up a big space of time to have to work this hard. So it was a bit of a reality check, I suppose.

ETonline: So how would you describe the perfect woman that you are looking for or have found?

Oliver: I can't define a person by type. I get this gut feeling I need someone and they seem to interest me. Generally [someone] that I enjoy spending time with. Whether that's being funny or intelligent. … I love learning and I think anyone who wants to learn is such an important aspect of someone's personality. If you're willing to grow then it's unlimited to what you can achieve. Any lady that has a willingness to learn and a personality that uplifts mine. That's the way I would describe it.

To see Oliver and the other nobles put in decidedly un-princely situations, tune in to season two of Secret Princes on Friday nights at 10/9c on TLC.