'Scandal' Star Reveals 'Million' Dollar Save


Before he starred as David Rosen on Scandal, Joshua Malina worked with Aaron Sorkin on his widely-acclaimed drama The West Wing and incredibly underrated dramedy Sports Night. This week he's one of the famous faces on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire's Celebrity Week and during a break from the action, Malina reveals how his swift reaction time blessed us with subsequent Sorkin series and, possibly, his performances on them.

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ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the actor's episode which sees him recount how a night of bowling and burgers nearly turned deadly for Aaron Sorkin.

In addition to finding out how Malina fares, you can catch new host Cedric The Entertainer grilling Brad Garrett, Niecy Nash & Boris Kodjoe on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire's Celebrity Week, airing November 4 through 8, click here to find out where the show airs in your area.