5 Questions With 'Under the Dome' Star Colin Ford


Over the summer, an average of almost 15 million fans per week tuned in for CBS' breakout hit Under the Dome, and now anyone who missed it can watch the show start to finish when it hits DVD and Blu-Ray on November 5. ETonline is catching up with actor Colin Ford, who plays mysteriously Dome-connected-teen Joe on the series, to reflect on season one and preview season two. (Warning -- mild spoilers ahead.)

ETonline: What was the reaction of the crew when the show became such an overnight hit this summer?

Colin Ford: We all expected a lot and we were excited when the first episode came out. But we didn’t expect the appreciation we got and [the] great audience. They were so receptive to the show and as the weeks went by, we couldn’t have asked for better numbers. And the fans couldn’t have been better by talking to us through social media and stuff, they have been so supportive.

ETonline: Going into more of the plot last season, why do you think the four kids were chosen to be guardians of the egg?

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Colin: You know I’m not sure, the only answer I would give you would be my personal opinion. The only reason I could think of that is because Joe has the mindset and potential; he’s really good and a good person. There’s no bad in him or malicious behavior unless he had to protect somebody or himself. The good naturedness in him is what gives him a special connection to the Dome. And I think that Norrie had a bad past but there’s a lot of good that can be brought out of her, and that there’s a lot of good Joe can bring to Norrie as well, and that's why they’re connected.

ETonline: In terms of Julia’s character, what do you think it means that she’s the monarch and do you think she'll become the new leader of the town somehow?

Colin: I definitely think she’ll take control and that she’ll be good and do the town justice, and that she’s the monarch for a reason. I don't think the monarch would be there to hurt the town or hurt the people any more, [so] I don’t think she’ll do that. I think they want it to be someone good.

ETonline: Do you think Big Jim will get what's coming to him?

Colin: I do think, whether it’s in season two or three or not, I think eventually Big Jim will get what he deserves.

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ETonline: Now that the egg's in the lake, I think everyone’s wondering, are Norrie and Joe going to have to dive into the lake and get the egg away from Big Jim or…?

Colin: I definitely see some action going on around the lake around season two. Whether it’s an issue or someone has to get the egg out or something happens in the water because the egg is there, I don't know, but there are a lot of possibilities.

The DVD and Blu-Ray four-disc collection will also boast bonus features that include Stephen King's insight about taking his book and making it into a TV series, a look at the filming of the pilot, and more. In addition, Amazon.com will offer a deluxe Blu-Ray version of the set in dome-shaped packaging which will include an exclusive bonus disc. Under the Dome returns to CBS for season two in the summer of 2014.