5 Things You Don't Know About Taissa Farmiga

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This Bling Ring star currently portrays Zoe Benson on the FX hit American Horror Story. Here are five things you probably don't know about Taissa Farmiga, the younger sister of Bates Motel actress Vera Farmiga.  

1. Born August 17, 1994 in New Jersey to Ukrainian immigrant parents, she's the youngest of seven children. 

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2. Initially had no ambitions to become an actress, but was persuaded to appear in Vera's directorial debut, the 2011 drama Higher Ground

3. Took American Sign Language classes for three years along with other members of her homeschool group. 

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4. Says Vera serves as her stylist for public events. For her part, Vera told Teen Vogue: "Taissa is the person you take with you to choose your Oscar gown and then take to In-N-Out Burger. As much of an age difference as there is (21 years), she is one of my best friends in the world."

5.  Loves the outdoors and enjoys snowboarding and hiking.

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