Inside 'The Originals' & 'TVD' Crossover Ep


Last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries ended with Caroline's heartbreaking plea for Tyler to love her more than he hates Klaus. Unfortunately for everyone's favorite blonde-pire, Tyler couldn't focus on anything but making Klaus pay for killing his mother. Following the episode, Michael Trevino confirmed to that Tyler would be the first TVD crossover with The Originals, saying, "A lot of fans are upset that Tyler has made the decision to leave as soon as he shows up. I'm getting a little bit of flack for it on the Twitterverse here. I just want to say everything will be explained, and I think Tyler will make it good once he shows up to The Originals...I think everybody will be happy with Tyler's reasoning when they see what he's been up to and what he has planned."

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Well, this afternoon, following a screening of tomorrow's all-new ep of The Originals, executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci elaborated on Tyler's OG role -- and revealed that Klaus won't be the only character he's come to town for!

"The crossover is happening very soon," Plec teased. "I'm fairly certain we will see our first glimpse of Tyler before November is over. It will answer a couple of questions, one of which is at least answering the first piece of the mystery of the protective wolf."

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"A lot of things will come out of that crossover that will shake things up in the core dynamic of the original family," Narducci said. "There will be a whole storyline that will come out of where that crossover leads them geographically and what they discover when they’re there." Although Plec was quick to add, "That's not what it sounds like -- it's not like they head back to Mystic Falls."

She continued, "One of the big things Hayley has been asking herself, quietly, and the whole thing that brought her to New Orleans in the first place is trying to get answers about what bloodline she came from, what this mark on her shoulder means and the one thing Tyler does offer with his presence in this world is answers and more information. He sort of takes her to a place out in the bayou where she's going to start understanding a bit of where she comes from."

Check out a sneak peek from tomorrow's all-new episode of The Originals!

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