Daniela Ruah Talks Pregnancy On Set of 'NCIS:LA'


For most people, being pregnant and also shooting intense fight scenes are not things that go together, but for NCIS: Los Angeles's Daniela Ruah, that isn't the case.

Ruah plays Special Agent Kensi Blye on the hit CBS crime procedural, and in real life Ruah is several months pregnant with her first child. However, pregnancy hasn't slowed her down, or kept her from working hard.

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visited the set of NCIS: Los Angeles, and talked to Ruah about being an expectant mother and the star of a huge television show.

"It's been awesome," Ruah said of shooting the show while pregnant. "Everybody has been really accommodating. I think I've also been lucky that it hasn't been a difficult pregnancy at all. I don't need to sit down every two minutes, and I'm not suffering with morning sickness or anything like that. So it's been pretty easy physically for me."

But in a show with as much action and physicality asNCIS: Los Angeles, Ruah has found that she's needed to step back a bit from the level of intense action she is used to performing.

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"My stunt woman has come in maybe more often than she used to," Ruah said. "But I need her. There are things that I'm like 'I'm fine guys, I can do this. I can totally jump over the car,' and they're just like 'No. We can't let you do that.'… I think I want to do more than I am allowed to."

Check out the video for more from ET's visit to the set of NCIS: Los Angeles.

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