'Scandal' Exclusive Clip: Pope's New Plan


Countless outside forces have conspired to keep Fitz and Olivia apart; from the press to the First Lady to the Scandal writers! But at the end of last week's episode, the couple was, perhaps, dealt its biggest blow when Huck and Jake seemingly discovered a pre-Presidential Fitzgerald Grant shot down a civilian airliner that happened to contain Olivia's mother!

VIDEO - Dan Bucatinsky Reveals The Secret To Scandal's Success

ETonline scored an exclusive clip from Thursday's all-new Scandal, titled Icarus, that reveals Olivia is still in a state of shock the next morning while Pope & Associates struggles to help their head Gladiator reconcile the revelation. And while it doesn't take long for Olivia to pull herself up by her bootstraps, the decision she makes threatens to affect all her relationships in the White House! Watch!

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