EXCLUSIVE: 'Girl Code' on Being 'Eternally Single'


Every woman out there knows it can be hard being single -- especially when all your friends are coupled up.

Luckily, the hilarious experts on MTV's Girl Code are here to tell you that always being "the single one" is not only not that bad, but actually preferable in certain ways.

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"Get some new friends," Nessa says bluntly.

"Just remind yourself, you don't have to deal with some guy who always needs to know your whereabouts," adds Esther Ku.

"'Where u babe? Where u at babe? When u comin home? Can you bring some macaroni?' You always gotta bring macaroni for the dude?" Jessimae Peluso asks. "You just go home and eat macaroni yourself."

But it's Carly Aquilino's NSFW advice that trumps them all -- click on this exclusive clip to hear why!

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Girl Code airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.