Bruno Mars' Sisters Talk New Show & Death of Mom


It's not always easy growing up as the sibling of a music superstar like Bruno Mars. But the singer's four sisters have made enough of a name for themselves to get their own reality show and ET's Brooke Anderson sat down with the soon-to-be reality stars -- Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley -- who discussed their new WE tv series and also opened up about their mother's death last June.

"It's been five months and we're still grieving -- we're still dealing
with it and time hasn't really healed much," Tiara said about her mom, Bernadette, who died on June 1 at age 55 after suffering a brain aneurysm. "We all have each other, which makes it easier," Tahiti added.

"The docu-series captured our last moments with her, so we were kind of
blessed in a way. We're so grateful for it. We owe it all
to her and the world will see that -- she totally shines on the show."

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The show -- titled the same name as their music group The Lylas signifying an acronym for "Love You Like A Sister" -- premieres Friday November 8 at 9 p.m. on WE tv. They told Brooke that their Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter brother was too busy to participate in Season 1, but was expected to take part in the show's next round.

The first season follows the sisters as they leave the sand and surf of Hawaii for Hollywood, where they attempt to launch their music career, but are also faced with personal and professional obstacles they didn't see coming -- including the untimely death of their mother and major rifts with their management team.

Watch the video for more about the show and to find out how the sisters were inspired by Bruno and other family members to pursue their own entertainment careers.  

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