WATCH: Ellen Surprises Generous Waitress with Car!

Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres is known for being a generous host who's not at all shy about handing out lucrative gifts to deserving individuals on her show. On the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she struck again -- this time surprising a generous waitress she had already given cash to with a new car!

The latest recipient of Ellen's generosity is Sarah Hoidahl, a charitable waitress at Ruby Tuesday in Concord, NH who was recently rewarded by the talk show host with a $10,000 check for picking up a $27.75 tab for the meal of two furloughed military officers.

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"Hey Sarah, it's Ellen," she said in her follow-up call this week to Sarah that was televised on her show. "I'm just checking in. What ya doing?" Sarah, tearing up, responded, "Hi! Oh my god, is it really you? It's been crazy, but it's been so much fun. Oh my god, I can't believe I'm talking to you."

Sarah noted that since Ellen first spotlighted her on the show, she's received support and well-wishes from all over the world.

Ellen set the whole thing up by sending one of her producers to pose as a reporter for the local news station so Sarah would be surprised. "We gave you a $10,000 tip and I heard a lot of that is going to go
towards, or some of it is going to go towards a car that you and your
mom share, right?" Sarah responds: "Yeah, yeah we do."

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Watch the video to see the big reveal when Sarah is surprised with the  keys to a brand new 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport!