CLIP: Tracy Morgan Gets 'Tanked' for Pet Octopus


30 Rock star Tracy Morgan was already impressed when the hosts of Animal Planet's tank-building show Tanked came to his house to construct an awesome shark tank. In the show's upcoming episode, Tracy once again summons show stars/tank designers Wayde King and Brett Raymer to take on a new project -- to create a much-needed upgrade for his beloved octopus Bwyadette!

"Her home is falling apart and I can hear her calling me up in my room: 'Daddy, I need a new tank,'" Tracy explains about the plight of his orange tentacled baby. "She said her place is a dump, so I called you guys to come in and help me out." He jokes that Bwyadette has even accused him of being a "slumlord."

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Upon close inspection, Wayde and Brett discover some leaking and framing issues with the octopus tank that could potentially lead to its collapse if not fixed.

Watch the clip to get a glimpse of Tracy's unusual pet and to also see Brett's attempt to channel an octopus for inspiration!

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Tanked airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet.