Exclusive: Inside 'Sleepy Hollow's' Epic 'Ride'


Exclusive: Inside 'Sleepy Hollow's' Epic 'Ride'

No bones about it, Sleepy Hollow is the year's most exciting, engrossing and exceptional new series and ETonline scored an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Monday's game-changing episode, titled Midnight Ride.

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Focusing on the semi-automatic showdown between The Horseman and Captain Irving, the episode's writer, director and star Orlando Jones give you the inside scoop about how the explosive scene was brought to life.

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"Anything that can be shot up is shot up," director Doug Aarniokoski says of the sublime setpiece. "It's one of the most detailed shoot-outs I've ever been a part of. It's a wham-bam episode for sure!" Watch! 

Sleepy Hollow
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