Juliette Goglia: Working With The Best


Juliette Goglia didn't just land a job when she was cast as Eve Henry on The Michael J. Fox Show, she scored a surrogate family -- and an elite acting one at that. Her "father" is Michael J. Fox, her "mother" is Breaking Bad alum Betsy Brandt and her "aunt" is two-time Tony winner Katie Finnernan. So to say talent runs deep on the set of NBC's family dramedy would be an understatement. It would also be downplaying the experience to say it's been the best of Juliette's life thus far.

ETonline: How have your hopes for this show compared to the reality of actually working on it?

Juliette Goglia: It was such an exciting moment being cast in this project because I'd heard about it for a few months before I even got to audition. I was so interested, obviously because of Michael -- I've been a fan of his since I was a toddler and the fact he was returning to TV was not only inspiring but exciting. He's one of the most universally loved people in America. I was really excited by that, but also the fact Eve isn't the stereotypical sitcom kid who doesn't get to do much and is just bratty and annoying. I was really attracted to the fact they'd written a real, intelligent teenager.

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ETonline: What's coming up for your Eve that you're excited for the audience to see?

Goglia: Eve has some crazy storylines coming up, you'll see me getting a little more goofy as she embarrasses herself more. Eve falls for this brooding hipster-type, which is something I am completely guilty of myself, so it was fun to see Eve completely humiliating herself in a way a lot of teenagers do. In another episode she enters a beauty pageant to spite her mom and they actually end up getting really into it. There are crazy outfits and performances. But mostly I'm excited for the audience to keep seeing these relationships grow. I'm excited for everyone to see the Christmas episode because it's sweet and funny and we have a rock and roll superstar [Sting] guest starring. And then you'll see a fun relationship flourish between Harris and Leigh, I love their storyline, so that's definitely something to look forward to.

ETonline: I know you can sing in real life, does Eve share that gift for the talent portion of the beauty pageant?

Goglia: She doesn't. I do dance though, which is so fun because I've been dancing since I was so little. She sucks at first, but once she gets really competitive, she steps up her game in a big way. In the episode where she falls for the hipster, there is a little bit of singing, which is fun because I get to do a duet with Katie Finneran, and she's a Tony-winner! That was so fun.

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ETonline: Tonight's episode is called Homecoming, what can you tease?

Goglia: That's really one of our best episodes. Eve gets stuck hanging out with her mom, who wants to bond with her daughter. Meanwhile, teenagers want nothing to do with their moms, so if they're going to have a girl's night, Eve is going to invite Leigh to make Annie really jealous. So Annie and Leigh have a dance off to see who the cooler adult is. Annie's feelings get unintentionally hurt, but I think you'll see that a girl needs her mom. Nothing is better than hugging your mom and that really resonated with me.

ETonline: As you said before, Katie is a Tony winner. Betsy Brandt is coming off Breaking Bad and Michael J. Fox has been an icon for almost his entire life. What's it been like, as a young actor, working with this cast?

Goglia: It's still surreal getting to work with Michael. He has such an incredible career behind him and I think one of the coolest things about working with Betsy and Michael is how real they are. Michael has twin daughters my age and we spent some time together over the summer, and they're such a normal, great family, so it's been wonderful to see that you can be one of the biggest icons in the world but still be a normal guy who is so genuine and open. He creates an environment on set where we're encouraged to take chances and make mistakes -- I think that's so important as a young actor.

The Michael J. Fox Show airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.