'Crazy Ones' Exclusive: Watch Wolk Work It


The critical community has been infatuated with James Wolk since he exploded onto the scene with Fox's super-short-lived Lone Star. Since then he's proved equally adept at comedy and drama thanks to arcs on Happy Endings, Mad Men and a role on Political Animals. But even his most ardent supporters were taken aback by the animalistic ferocity with which he attacks every second of screentime he's given on CBS' The Crazy Ones.

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And tonight's all-new episode, titled The Stan Wood Account, gives the impressive improviser (quite the accomplishment given he's usually riffing off Robin Williams) yet another chance to dazzle as Lewis, Roberts & Roberts undergoes a major shakeup with the return of Gordon Lewis (played by Brad Garrett), who forces Simon to give up his very first client when it conflicts with another account.

Check out ETonline's exclusive sneak peek from tonight's all-new The Crazy Ones, airing at 9 p.m. on CBS.