Michael J. Fox Goofs Off in 'Family Ties' Gag Reel


Before he was traveling back in time in a tricked-out DeLorean or playing highschool basketball while dealing with being a werewolf, Michael J. Fox was making a name for himself as a comedic legend on the hit NBC sit-com Family Ties.

Family Ties: The Complete Series
has finally been released on DVD, containing all seven seasons of the classic mid-80s sitcom, along with tons of extras including documentaries, cast photos, behind-the-scenes set visits and much more.

PICS: New on Blu-ray & DVD: November 12

One amazing extra is a very long gag reel showing hundreds of wonderful candid moments and mistakes that remind you why the show was so beloved. Check out the video for an excerpt from the incredibly funny gag reel.

Family Ties: The Complete Series
is available online and at most major retailers.

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