Nick Jonas Plays Hacker on 'Hawaii Five-0'


With his upcoming feature film debut Careful What You Wish For already releasing a trailer, Nick Jonas seems to be headed toward an acting career in a big way. He's even getting roles on one of TV's hottest shows, Hawaii Five-0!

In this upcoming episode, Jonas plays a young hot-shot hacker who may have gotten himself in over his head when a fire-fight breaks out between kidnappers and cops who want to take him in.

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"The role was really exciting to me. Being able to sort of show that young people can really do a lot of good, and a lot of damage, and my character is probably leaning toward the damage side," Jonas jokingly told ET's Brooke Anderson on the set of Hawaii Five-0. "It's an exciting role and an exciting episode."

With gunfights and physical stunts, the episode looks to be incredibly action-packed. But one thing that stands out is Jonas's dedication and professionalism on set.

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"I've made acting a priority for me," Jonas said.

Check out the video for more from Nick Jonas about his family, living with diabetes, and his upcoming feature film debut.

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 airs Friday at 9/8c on CBS.

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