Jennie Garth On Her TV Reunion With Tori Spelling

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When it was announced in October that Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth would be co-starring in a new ABC Family pilot called Mystery Girls, the 90210-loving world was more excited than Donna Martin at prom. This morning, while chatting with Garth about her upcoming ABC Family film, Holidaze (premiering December 8 at 8 p.m.), I couldn't help but sneak in a question -- or four -- about the lure of reuniting with Spelling!

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"We're like sisters," Garth told ETonline. "She feels like home and can understand things about me that other people may not be able to. Working with someone you genuinely love and trust [is] a rarity, but I never really imagined that we'd be working with Tori again, so I'm incredibly happy it's happening."

Mystery Girls
-- about two actresses who grew up played crime-solving kids on a beloved children's show -- also allows the two to mine their shared history for winky jokes and Donna/Kelly homages. "It's hilarious because she and I will be squabbling about something and realize it's the perfect scene for our show because our characters have that long history together in the show too," Garth tells me. "It's very parallel to things that have happened in our real lives so we're getting to be silly and have fun with our past."

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The show's lighter tone was also incredibly appealing to Garth. "I love doing drama, but it's so much more fun to spend your day laughing than tapping into heavy emotions to do a dark scene. We shot a scene last night and were just laughing and laughing -- far beyond how long we were supposed to be laughing for. It's a great way to spend a work day and I really hope people like it.