'Extreme Cheapskate' Mom Rations Food to Toddlers


Wednesday night's episode of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates takes saving to a whole new level, as a mom of young children counts out Cheerios and rations waffle segments.

Mom Jordan Page, who dresses well and lives with her husband and kids in an upscale brick home, says, "It's all about not wasting anything, and the way to do that is, we call it 'rationing.'"

At breakfast time, the dolled-up mom tells her toddler son, "We're going to give you fourteen," and she counts out 14 Cheerios. She reminds him as he hungrily gobbles up his meager pile, "And remember, you need to eat all your Cheerios, or next time you only get twelve."

The mom also waters down juice with one part juice to five parts water, and slices up frozen waffles into strips to make them go farther. The thrifty housewife also rations toilet paper, helping the family go from 300 rolls per year to only 40.

Watch the video to see her money-saving tips and tune in to Extreme Cheapskates Wednesday night on TLC at 9/8c for the full episode!