'Survivor' Vytas: I Should've Saved Brad


Favorites to go all the way Vytas Baskauskas and his brother Aras went home in a one-two punch on Survivor: Blood vs. Water in the past two weeks, becoming the first two members of the jury. Now ETonline catches up with Vytas to analyze his thoughts on what he would do differently, and how the show affected his relationship with Aras.

ETonline: If you could go back and play this season again, is there anything you would do differently?

Vytas: Two things. When Brad got voted out early in the game, I had a sense that Caleb wasn’t too happy with him. I didn’t think he was going to pull the crazy move he did at tribal council, but I was aware of his discontent nevertheless. Since Brad was such an important part of my plan moving forward, I should’ve taken time to help mediate that relationship before we went to vote that night. It would’ve saved Brad and helped my game move forward. Brad was a BIG target and when he got voted out, the next largest target happened to be Aras and I. The second thing I’d have done differently was at the merge. Aras was convinced that Tyson was with us and I blindly trusted in that. Instead, we should have gotten the pairs together and used our strength as couples to oust the singles.

ETonline: Do you feel like the deck was stacked against you and Aras once you hit the merge since you're both strong players?

Vytas: The deck was stacked against us but there were ways we could have mitigated that threat. We just failed to see some of them.

'Survivor' Aras on Relationship with Brother Vytas

ETonline: Do you think you would have had a better chance if Aras hadn't made it to the merge?

Vytas: The way the game was unfolding, I’d have probably had a better chance of making it to the end without Aras there. That being said, Aras was my strongest ally and had we played it smarter come merge time, we could’ve made it far together. It just would’ve been much more difficult.

ETonline: How has your relationship with Aras changed after appearing together on Survivor?

Vytas: In the 14 years that I’ve been in recovery from addiction, our relationship has been slowly healing. Survivor was a giant step forward in that process. I love my brother and although we still have a healthy rivalry and aren’t perfect all the time, we will always be able to look back on our experience together in the Philippines and share some special memories.

ETonline: Would you ever come back and appear on the show again?

Vytas: In a heartbeat. I left the game with so much game left in me. If it was a once in a lifetime experience, then so be it. It was a great one. But maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get to play twice…

Survivor: Blood vs. Water airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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