Sneak Peek: Half-Ton Woman's Lifesaving Slim Down

Sneak Peek: Half-Ton Woman's Lifesaving Slim Down

Mayra Rosales became famous for being one of the heaviest women alive and also being thrust into the center of one of the most fascinating murder trials in recent history. TLC is now revisiting Rosales in a follow-up special that documents her desperate attempts to lose hundreds of pounds to save her life after being acquitted of her nephew's murder.

In this exclusive sneak peek from tonight's one-hour TLC special Half-Ton Killer: Transformed, we are introduced to the doctor who agreed to oversee Rosales' complex surgeries, hours of physical therapy and extensive rehabilitation while undergoing a dramatic weight-loss transformation.

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Because the 32-year-old Rosales was immobile for so long, everyday duties such as buying groceries, job hunting and shopping for clothes now prove to be daunting tasks. But she draws on enormous amounts of willpower and patience to adjust to her new life in a bid to prove she's capable of not only caring and providing for herself, but her nieces and nephew she's hoping to adopt.

Watch the video for more of our exclusive preview of Half-Ton Killer: Transformed, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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