'The Crazy Ones' Get A Visit From Some Angels

'The Crazy Ones' Get A Visit From Some Angels

The hilarious CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones, from legendary television show creator David E. Kelly, centers on the mad world of advertising and marketing, and the hi jinks that go on behind the scenes at the ad film Lewis, Roberts & Roberts. This week, the firm gets a visit from their new client: Victoria's Secret. More specifically, the Victoria's Secret Angels.

In the show, sitcom icon Robin Williams stars as the eccentric head of the firm, Simon Roberts. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays his high-strung daughter and protégé Sydney Roberts. And, in this special, sexy episode called Models Love Magic, Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima plays herself.

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"This is really exciting," Lima said to ET's Brooke Anderson, who visited set on the day of shooting. "First of all, when I received the call to be here, as part of The Crazy Ones, it was like really a huge dream coming true."

"Everybody here is so nice," Lima added. "This is something knew for me. I'm not used to doing anything like the acting. They've been so kind."

The real question for Lima is whether or not she is nervous about stepping out of her comfort zone of cat walks and fashion shows and into the high-paced world of sitcom acting.

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"I've been nervous since I received the call to come here," Lima admitted. "I do get very nervous. It's something new. And I'm learning. Every second I'm learning something."

Check out the video for more from the sexy, angel-filled episode and hear from the cast about what it's like working with such stunningly gorgeous half-clothed models all day.

This angelic episode of The Crazy Ones airs Thursday, December 5 on CBS.