Exclusive 'Baby Daddy' Christmas Clip!


It's Emma's First Christmas on the December 11 episode of Baby Daddy and ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the episode. We also hit up the set to get the inside scoop on the hijinks -- and costumes! -- you can expect to see!

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"It's such a fun episode," Derek Theler tells me. "The craze is this gorilla toy and the only way for the boys to get one for Emma is to start working as elves in this store." Although, if Jean-Luc Bilodeau is being honest, there's a fundamental flaw in their plan. "Danny is a New York Ranger -- he doesn't need to work at a mall to get this doll," he laughs. " Certainly he could pay someone off to get the doll. But I think that just shows he's not smart enough to think of that."

As a by-product of their joyful joyful jobs, The Wheeler brothers end up performing a dance routine with guest star Leslie Jordan. "That man is amazing," Jean-Luc says. "He was put on this planet to be an elf or an actor, and he's doing one very well."

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"Leslie Jordan loved Derek," Tahj Mowry adds with a smirk. "Like, loved Derek." It might have something to do with the tights he's sporting to play a Christmas elf as even Melissa Peterman was taken aback when he first walked onto set.

"Whether he's in an elf costume, shirtless or in his normal clothes, every day that Derek walks on the set is kind of exciting," she giggled. "But there's something especially wonderful about large people in diminutive clothes. The thing that's sad is he still looked handsome. Derek is the only person I know who could make an elf costume look like a tuxedo. It's crazy."

"I was amazed they found an elf costume that fit me," the 6' 5" actor told me. "We had to cut out the bottoms so they fit me and I still kept breaking the seams on my suit." His size also plays a part in the song-and-dance routine he's tasked with in the episode. "The song and dance was fun," Derek says, before conceding the title of Best Elf to his on-screen brother. "Jean-Luc is definitely the better elf. Kids are afraid of people my size in general," he laughed.

Check out ETonline's exclusive clip from Baby Daddy's Christmas episode, airing December 11 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.