Exclusive First Look: 'Chicago P.D.'


Chicago Fire fans are well-acquainted with Sergeant Hank Voight (played with grim determination by Jason Beghe) but they're about to see a whole new side to the morally ambiguous agent on NBC's spin-off, Chicago P.D. -- ETonline scored an exclusive first look at the police drama, starring Sophia Bush, Jon Seda, Elias Koteas, Jesse Lee Soffer and Beghe.

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Revolving around Chicago Police Department's District 21, Chicago P.D. thrives in the grey area between right and wrong as Voight and his crack team are forced to make the tough choices in order to protect and serve. "He's a very good cop but he's more of stick than a carrot," Beghe says.

Bush, who plays Detective Erin Lindsay, adds, "People think that Hank is coloring outside of the lines a little bit, [but] Erin observes his actions as really just doing what you gotta do to get the job done." Seda's character, Detective Antonio Dawson, has the toughest road to hoe as he is now working underneath Voight, who he previously imprisoned for trying attempted murder. 

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Seda recalls, "I remember saying 'How is that going to work? I arrested this man, I put him in jail, and now he's my boss?'" But he promises the show won't shy away from that fractured dynamic, adding, "There is a lot of unexpected things that happen; we're going to dig deep. The show will have its own unique nature."

Get your first look at Chicago P.D. above, and be sure to tune in to the series premiere on January 8 at 10 p.m. on NBC.