'PLL' Exclusive Clip: Is Mona on Te'A'm Ezra?


There are, like, a bajillion unanswered questions that Pretty Little Liars will have to address with its January premiere given the super-scandalous cliffhangers the summer finale (Ezra's evil?!?) and Halloween episode (Ali's alive?!?) served up!

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To shed a little light on one of those questions, ETonline is excited to exclusively present the first clip from the 4B premiere, titled Who's In The Box. In the sneak peek, Ezra runs into Mona while perusing a bunch of books, where she makes a coded, yet incredibly unsubtle, play for Ezra to become her malevolent mentor.

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This leads me to believe that Mona, who is on the outs with "A" after her betrayal in the season three finale, has never been actively in cahoots with Mr. Fitz.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer struggle to come to terms with the revelation that Alison is alive and in trying to put the pieces together, Hanna figures out that learning who is really buried in Ali's grave may lead to much needed answers. But as the girls search, Emily has trouble dealing with how she feels about Alison being alive. Meanwhile, Caleb returns to Rosewood, and Ezra has a clandestine meeting with Aria.

Pretty Little Liars
premieres January 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.