Massage 'Undercover Boss' Grossed Out by Facial

Massage 'Undercover Boss' Grossed Out by Facial

On the next Undercover Boss, an executive of a massage chain is disgusted as she watches a masseuse pick at someone's face while giving her a facial.

Maintaining healthy skin isn't always glamorous, which Shane Evans, COO of Massage Heights, is reminded of while witnessing a masseuse pop a patron's pimples as she cleans up her skin for a facial.

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"I don't generally like touching other people, so I hope Nikita (the masseuse) doesn't expect me to be doing a facial today," she says.

However, her fear becomes a reality when she is asked to demonstrate what she's learned on the next patron.

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"I can't do this on my own!" she says.

Watch the sneak peek above and check out the full episode of Undercover Boss Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS.