Will Emily Exact Her 'Revenge' at Wedding?


It's been long in the making, but the "Wedding of the Century" is finally coming to fruition on Revenge. ET visited the set for the wedding episode to get the scoop on the highly anticipated nuptials.

"It's meant to be the Wedding of the Century—they're socialites, these two. It's the most amazing wedding that nobody wants to be at," said star Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) of the big wedding. "We're just sort of trying to get through it so she can get to her endgame."

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The endgame to which VanCamp makes reference is her character's long-arching goal to exact revenge on her main target, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), who betrayed Emily's murdered father. Victoria is the mother of Emily's fiancé, Daniel (Josh Bowman).

However, as she's experienced since Episode 1 of the mystery drama series, Emily's plans don't always pan out how draws them up, and the wedding is no exception.

"Every disaster you can possibly imagine [will happen]," VanCamp said. "We have people showing up to the wedding that aren't supposed to be there. ... People are getting shot. It's 'Revenge,' so it could never be just an easy, fun wedding."

In addition to the chaos surrounding the wedding, there will also be more information revealed about Victoria's illegitimate son Patrick (Justin Hartley), whom she gave up for adoption at 16.

"There's a huge turn of events. Everybody sort of has to close ranks," said Stowe, whose character constantly attempts to sabotage Emily and her son Daniel's relationship. "...Patrick is going to have to understand who he's loyal to or who he isn't. ... What's going to be very fascinating is to see Victoria's early...past and how Patrick was conceived and what happened."

While viewers will have to wait until Sunday's episode to discover what happens, the Season 3 premiere earlier this fall foreshadowed Emily getting shot after her wedding, although the identity of the gunman wasn't revealed.

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"At this point I think, at least on social media, every single person has been considered a suspect," said Gabriel Mann, who play Emily's trustworthy ally, Nolan Ross. "So, I think whoever does it, it's going to be a big reveal. The addition of some returning character(s) that people have not seen for a while definitely adds to the spiciness of the whole affair."

Watch the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at the wedding episode of Revenge, and check out the full episode Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC.