A New Miner Raises Tensions on 'Bering Sea Gold'


A modern-day gold rush is in full swing in the remote city of Nome, Alaska, and tough gold hunters with tougher machines are dredging the floor of the Bering Sea.

In this exclusive clip from the new season of Discovery Channel's fascinating documentary series Bering Sea Gold, there is a new face in Nome. Inexperienced miner Hank Schimschat has come to town with a massive earth-moving machine, looking to make his name in the gold mining trade.

Hank has also hired former captain Scott Meisterheim, who has had to step down from the top spot after an abysmal gold dredging season, and is now serving as a deckhand on Hank's vessel. This reversal of fortune doesn't exactly sit well with Scott.

Watch this high-stakes, high-tension episode of Bering Sea Gold on December 13 at 10/9c on Discovery Channel.

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