'Enlisted' Stars Break Down Their Brotherly Bond


From The Bradys to The Gellars to The Bravermans, we've welcomed small screen siblings into our real-world families for decades, but, more often than not, that's due to how the writers craft the characters. Very rarely does the chemistry between unrelated actors completely sell the concept of a show. But that is very much the case with The Hill brothers on FOX's army base comedy, Enlisted.

"People keep talking to me about our chemistry, but the funny thing is, none of us noticed it at first, which might be why it feels so seamless," star Geoff Stults, who plays eldest brother Peter, told ETonline during a recent trip to the Enlisted set. "Although I'm not surprised because I certainly felt like, from the minute Parker [Young, who plays youngest brother Randy] came into audition, I was his big brother. It just felt so right."

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Chris Lowell, who plays middle brother Derrick, concurs. "It's shocking how quickly we fell into a family dynamic. And I mean shocking. There's a real love on our set. Plus, Parker is in love with Geoff..." A claim Parker instantly owns up to.

"Oh, I, for sure, have a man-crush on Geoff," he laughs. "Growing up, my dad was my best friend so I'm very comfortable having a male role model in my life. My dad isn't part of this business at all so when I find guys that are older than me to look up to, I very easily step into the role of apprentice. I love stepping into that role and having a mentor, so to have two of them has been doubly amazing."

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And while the pilot is incredibly funny (chalk that up to creator Kevin Biegel, who brings the wonderfully warped sensibility he honed on Scrubs and Cougar Town), the boys' quickly-congealing chemistry elevates Enlisted's emotional impact. Which was important to Stults from the beginning, because, as he says, "I signed up for this show because, yes, it was really funny, but more so because there is so much heart in every episode."

Peep a couple of sneak peeks below, and be sure to check out the series premiere of Enlisted, January 10 at 9:30 p.m. on FOX.