Exclusive: 'Deadly' Pot Brownies Prompt 911 Call


While many 911 calls are a terrifying matter of life and death, others turn out to include outrageous circumstances that nonetheless turn out with happier endings. In this exclusive sneak peek from TLC's new show Outrageous 911, we feature one of those calls -- placed by a man who reports overdosing on a batch of pot brownies!

"I think we're dying," the man is heard telling a 911 dispatcher after explaining that he and his wife had ingested a whole batch of brownies laced with marijuana. "How much did you guys have?" the dispatcher asks repeatedly before
getting an answer. "I don't know we made brownies -- and I think we're

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The caller adds: "Time is going by really, really slow. Just please send rescue." When asked whether he had done this before, the caller says no, but he later confesses that he too is a police officer and the pot used in the brownie recipe was confiscated from a crime scene.

Watch the video for more and you can catch the debut episode of Outrageous 911 tomorrow, December 14 at 10/9c on TLC.

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