7 Best Quotes From The 'Teen Wolf' Set


7 Best Quotes From The 'Teen Wolf' Set

Now that the world has laid its eyes on the terrifying trailer for Teen Wolf's 2014 episodes, and read my premiere episode teaser post (you did, right?), it's safe to say that our collective appetite for additional details has reached insatiable levels.

So, in a bid to satiate your hunger just a wee bit, ETonline paid a trip to Beacon Hills to chat with the stars (Holland Roden, Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed & Tyler Hoechlin) about season 3B -- here are their choicest quotes!

Season One vs. Season Two vs. Season Three

"In season one, the audience got to know our characters. In season two, the writers set up the supernatural aspect of it. In the first half of season three, we came together as a group to fight the supernatural. Now, it's about living that with us. The super in our natural world has fully come into effect and it's going to be fun for the audience to see that play out this season." - Holland Roden

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Daddy Drama

"Last season was a lot about Stiles and his dad having this space in between them, but now that he's in on the secret, it's a big weight off his shoulders, but also, adds on more weight because Stiles always believed he was keeping his dad safe by keeping him in the dark. Now that he knows, he's more involved and will be trying to help out, which puts him back in harm's way. Especially with Scott's dad back in town. His position as Sheriff is in jeopardy because of Agent McCall & that does cause some rifts with Scott and Stiles, but we're bros above all." - Dylan O'Brien

If Only "Adult Wolf" Was A Catchier Title...

"The show much more adult this season. We get to play with a lot of dark psychology because of what Scott, Stiles and Allison did last year. As a result of that, Allison is hallucinating, but doesn't realize she's hallucinating. There's this one scene where I am cut open, and being eaten by someone, but I'm awake and aware of it, yet can't do anything about it. She also almost kills Lydia by accident because she thinks it's her aunt." - Crystal Reed

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T'was The Night Before Halloween

"I was not familiar with Mischief Night. In Texas, where I'm from, if you walk on someone's property, you just get shot. It's cut and dry. There's no mischief to be had, it's just called murder. But we have a really creepy Mischief Night episode coming up, and since this is Teen Wolf, it's all about the lack of costumes. There's a black light party, which basically means we're wearing black light paint for costumes -- and it may have come from a real party the cast went to one year. A lot of naked men are being brought in. It's like the Playboy Mansion, but filled with men." - Holland Roden

Derek's M.I.A.

"Derek's not in Beacon Hills at the start of the season, he's on this massive quest ... for what, even I still don't know. But since he totally failed at what he attempted to accomplish in the first half of season three, he's really needs to re-evaluate his choices and beliefs and refocus on the next mission." - Tyler Hoechlin

Stydia Detective Agency is Back In Business - Part 1

"I'm excited because Lydia actually gets to help this season! Not only am I in the Scooby Gang, but I'm like Shaggy or Scooby -- I'm not just saying, 'Over there guys,' I'm the one who is solving things! It's fun to have a purpose in these scenes now." - Holland Roden

Stydia Detective Agency is Back In Business - Part 2

"It's so cool because she is the core member of the detective team, I'm like her assistant now that she's got all the powers. Stiles likes having Lydia in his life and I, personally, like their relationship. I loved the scene last season where she calmed down his panic attack. I'd still like something more to happen for Stiles and Lydia, but there's more detective stuff ahead and some great moments where they share a deep connection that I think the fans will like. Sometimes I think Lydia likes having Stiles be the guy she turns to because her boyfriends don't always work out; she really dates some a**holes, so I think it's sweet that she's growing and learning and has Stiles forever. He's just that kind of person. They're almost perfect for each other in a lot of ways." - Dylan O'Brien

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