Tyson On Winning 'Survivor' & Spending $1 Million


Fans of Survivor: Blood vs. Water finally got the chance last night to learn the winner of the 27th season of the hit CBS reality show and ET Canada caught up with champion Tyson Apostol to get his thoughts on how he came away victorious and also what he plans to do with his $1 million prize!

"I tried to play the game this time," said Tyson, who had competed on two previous Survivor seasons before being crowned winner of Blood vs. Water."The last seasons I played it was like, if something could go wrong for Tyson it will. And this season it was the exact opposite. It was like, it can't get better than this -- nope it can -- and it just kept getting... every best case scenario worked out for me."

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Tyson proudly displayed his actual $1 million check during the interview, but said he doesn't plan to crazy spending on a bunch of flashy things. "I will probably try to wisely invest it and make it last as long as possible so that I can kick back a little bit."

He added: "I don't care about fancy cars, maybe a bicycle. I'm more of a bicycle guy than a car guy. The only reason I would buy a car is to make
my car guy friends jealous."

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Tyson received his share on the red carpet from fellow contestants,
including Tina Wesson, who was also competing for her third time on the
show and this time around along with her daughter, Katie Collins. "Well
if it couldn't be me, then, yeah, Tyson played a fantastic game. He was
definitely the puppeteer out there and her deserved it."

Wesson also spoke about the outpouring of support she's received from everyone connected with the show since they learned that her 25-year-old son was tragically killed in an automobile accident earlier this month. "This is my family. I have my family I live with, but CBS, I've done three seasons with them and they have treated me so well," she said. "Whenever you go through something very difficult, you bond with people in a way that people don't really realize in their real life."

Wesson added: "And we are close, we are a very close cast and it feels like family to
me. So we wanted to be here with people who bring us comfort and who
have reached out to us in so many ways over the last two weeks -- that
is so tender and so caring. So we wanted to be here with them."

Watch the video to hear other contestants react to Tyson's win -- including former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss -- and to find out why 24-year-old Ciera Eastin broke an all-time weight record by only losing one pound during the grueling competition! 

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