Kirstie Alley Previews 'Kirstie' Christmas Episode


ET's Rocsi Diaz caught up with Kirstie stars Kirstie Alley and Wendie Malick to talk about their highly anticipated Christmas episode, in which Cloris Leachman guest stars as Alley's estranged mother!

In the episode titled Little Bummer Boy, Maddie (Alley) is surprised by a visit from her mother Shirley (Leachman), whose hilariously spiteful contempt threatens the perfect Christmas she's desperately trying to give her son Arlo (Eric Peterson).

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"She's very wacky but in a good way," Alley says about the legendary Leachman. " ... But her relationship with me is a bit like my real mother and mine was -- it's a little icy."

Though Alley attributes this to the nature of Kansas women as opposed to "California girls."

"You've got some manners, you know, you'd like to be warm and cozy, but you're not," she says about her upbringing in Kansas. "Your private parts don't get pushed up against a guy," she jokes.

Check out the video to see her hilarious reenactment of what it's like for her to awkwardly hug a guy.

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Kirstie airs on TV Land Wednesdays, with the Christmas episode airing tomorrow at 10 p.m.