'Mob Wives' First Look: Alicia Betrayed by Renee?


On Thursday night's episode of VH1's Mob Wives, a dinner gets tense when Alicia wonders why Renee didn't tell her that Eddie had something going on with Carla.

Alicia reveals that she's learned more from husband Eddie's wiretaps: "I heard Eddie speak to Carla, Eddie's old girlfriend Carla. I heard Eddie say to Carla, do you want to go get food? And Carla said, yeah, I'm waiting for Renee to come over. And then apparently they all went for Chinese food."

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"Let me clarify something," Renee says in her own defense. "I am very big on respect. And as far as Carla and Edward's relationship, I did not know that you were not aware of it."

That explanation doesn't seem to sit well with the other women. To find out where the explosive conversation goes next, tune in to Mob Wives on Thursday night on VH1.