Exclusive Clip: High-Octane Fun in 'Turbo FAST'

Exclusive Clip: High-Octane Fun in 'Turbo FAST'

The lovable animated speed racer Turbo is back... this time on TV!

DreamWorks' snail-turned-racer Turbo may have won the Indy 500, but he now he's trying to save his new home, Starlight City, from a menacing tiger beetle named Hardcase.

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In the first-ever Netflix original animated series, Turbo FAST, Turbo and a posse of his adrenaline-fueled snail buddies face off against Hardcase in a race through an insane stunt-filled obstacle course, with the winner gaining control of the city.

Watch the video for an exclusive sneak peek from the series and you can catch the premiere of Turbo FAST beginning December 24 on Netflix!

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