'Little Couple' Star Jen's Cancer Fight Update


'Little Couple' Star Jen's Cancer Fight Update

Jen Arnold, the star of TLC's The Little Couple who was recently diagnosed with cancer, has been updating fans on her progress via her Twitter page.

On Friday the new mom of two tweeted a smiling photo, writing, "Day 2 inpatient chemo -- sleeping a lot, liking new anti-nausea med this time, & looking to get home today!"

She posted Thursday, "Good news is my counts are improved and am getting chemotherapy today!"

She shared earlier that she had been expected to start chemo before Christmas, but wrote that it had been cancelled at the time "due to low blood counts, not safe to give." The always-positive Jen put a happy face on the situation though, writing, "Cancelled chemo= feeling better for holiday= energy for baking Christmas cookies with kids & @ReallyBillKlein- Life doesn't get much better!"

Jen also shared numerous holiday pics of her three-year-old son William, who she adopted with hubby Bill earlier this year, and also noted that her second child, newly adopted daughter Zoey, will be revealed to the world in short order: "You will get to meet Zoey soon! She's adorable & Will is an amazing big brother! Giving her plenty of time to transition."

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For his part, Bill tweeted that he was playing the part of "Bill Nightingale," adding with his trademark humor that he thinks the patient "has a thing for [him]."

Jen revealed earlier this month that she was battling cancer, disclosing that she first experienced symptoms while in India to adopt Zoey, returning home to discover she suffered from stage 3 choriocarcinoma, a rare cancer that began with a non-viable pregnancy she suffered in September.