'Pony Play' Is One Woman's 'Strange Addiction'


The world is full of many different kinds of turn-ons, fetishes and obsessions, and occasionally their interests can be very extensive. While some people like adult toys, and others don costumes, 31-year-old Nicole is all about a specific type of animal roleplaying called "Pony Play."

TLC's documentary series My Strange Addiction takes viewers into this young woman's world, in which she is addicted to dressing up like a pony. This including wearing reins, fake hooves and rolling around in hay.

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And she's not the least-bit shy about her love of animal role-play.

"What other people think? That doesn't bother me," says Nicole. "This is who I am. Accept me or don't, but I'm not changing for anyone."

Check out the Season 5 premiere of My Strange Addiction, airing January 1 at 9/8c on TLC.