'Sister Wives' Clip: Cody Thought to be 'Pervert'?


In a clip from this Sunday night's episode of Sister Wives, a new friend of the Browns confesses that when she heard that her husband had a polygamist friend, she thought Cody might be a "pervert" and a "horrible person." She also questions the wives about their lifestyle at length.

New friend Ava reveals to the wives at a family picnic, "When Brett first told me he had a polygamist friend, at first I was like, Eww! Gross! You know, he must be some kind of pervert, some horrible person. And as soon as I met Cody, I could see that he was just so genuine, and so sweet."

Ava goes on to question the wives about where Cody finds private space, since all of his wives have their own homes. She also asks why Cody doesn't show affection toward his wives when more than one is in his presence. Watch to hear the Sister Wives' responses, and tune in to Sister Wives this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.