WATCH: Navy SEAL Evades a Drone on 'Lone Target'


Are the world-renowned organizations famous for their tracking skills and ability to hunt down any target a match for Joel Lambert?

With Lone Target, Discovery takes us on a real-life man hunt, following former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert as he tries to outrun, outwit and outlast some of the most respected law enforcement tracking teams in the world. It's a game of patience, skill, luck and determination when you're up against The US Army Phantom Recon Unit, Poland's Straz Graniczna Border Patrol and the South African International Anti-Poaching Foundation;

In this clip, Lambert is pitted against the legendary Phantom Recon Unit, who has been given 48 hours to find Lambert, or suffer the embarrassment of losing.

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At their disposal, the Phantom Recon Unit has a team of skilled trackers, millions of dollars of surveillance equipment and computer arrays as well as an insanely powerful Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, better known as a drone, which can see tiny details from miles away.

What does Lambert have? His brain, his skills and whatever he can carry on his back. With the odds stacked against him, Lambert also has to deal with a crew of cameramen who don't have his years of experience.

Lone Target
, the exciting new grownup game of hide and seek, airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Discovery.