Judge Judy's Exciting New Venture


At 71 years old, Judge Judy Sheindlin is ready for a new venture in life -- she's just created a new show called Hot Bench, which will launch this September!

Hot Bench features three judges -- New York State Supreme Court Judge Patricia DiMango, practicing attorney Tanya Acker and federal and state criminal attorney Larry Bakman -- who will debate the cases presented to them, and then render a decision.

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"The term hot bench means a panel of judges who prep the lawyers and litigants with questions, who are proactive, who don't just sit there as receptors of questions," Judge Judy explains to ET about the show's title and concept. "They want answers, they are active."

According to Judge Judy, the show's success hinges on finding the perfect three judges, and she's confident that they've succeeded on that front.

"I think that the viewing public will be excited about seeing these three people. They're not only skilled, well-educated, smart lawyers and judges, but they seem to have found a way to coexist with each other in a relatively short period of time," she smiles. "They have a mutual and healthy respect for each other professionally, but what they also do is they're not ashamed, embarrassed or intimidated by each other so they get into mixing it up."

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Check out the video for more on Judge Judy's exciting new show!