'Bachelor' Takes Polygraph Over Premarital Sex

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici -- who got married Sunday in an ABC TV special -- have been very public about the fact that they waited until after the wedding to have sex. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he had the couple submit to a polygraph test to confirm their claims of no premarital sex and shared the results.

Kimmel told viewers he was surprised that Lowe and Giudici agreed to submit to the test -- administered by professional polygraph expert Dennis Blackstock -- which took place last week when the couple was in the studio to tape an appearance on the show. 

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Kimmel then introduced Blackstock, who certified that the results of the polygraph test were definitive -- meaning he had concluded there was nearly a 100 percent certainty in his results.

So the verdict on whether Lowe and Giudici abstained from having sex for
a period of 16 months before their marriage? The polygraph expert said
they were absolutely telling the truth. "I have to say I'm proud and
disappointed at the same time," Kimmel said after hearing the results.