Mary Hart's 'Real' Acting Debut on 'Baby Daddy'


Mary Hart has mostly kept out of the spotlight since stepping down from the ET anchor chair, but now she's back on TV playing a snarky talk show host and we've got a sneak peek of her appearance on tonight's all-new episode of ABC Family's Baby Daddy!

"I've played myself on a lot of different shows and in different movies. But they've created a Mary Hart show within their show. And I'm in several scenes, so for me it's really 'acting work,'" Hart said. "The first day when I walked in and I saw the Mary logo -- and more
importantly just felt this wonderful warm welcome from everybody -- it
was just kind of overwhelming," she added. 

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Hart explains that the storyline has Derek Theler's character Danny Wheeler -- the hockey-playing son of Bonnie Wheeler (Melissa Peterman) -- appearing on the Mary Hart Show and tearfully pouring his love life out to her. Hart said Tahj Mowry's character Tucker Dobbs aspires to be the producer of the Mary Hart Show.

Melissa said she was beyond excited to work with Hart on the show. "It's like the person that has been my go-to to celebrities, someone who I've been hearing her voice in my head and on my television for so many years. It was amazing -- I think the minute she said 'Hi I'm Mary Hart,' it took everyone immediately back to almost every night on their television."

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Watch the video to also see Melissa and Tahj perform a theme song they came up with for The Mary Hart Show!

The episode of Baby Daddy airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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