Donnie on Directing Tom Selleck in 'Blue Bloods'


Fans of the CBS crime drama Blue Bloods know Donnie Wahlberg for his role as the tough NYPD detective Danny Reagan. But Donnie also makes his directorial debut on tonight's all-new episode and we were on the set to get his take on directing his on-screen father, TV icon Tom Selleck!

"I think it was inevitable that I would eventually start directing. I think, for one, I have too much energy and find myself sort of directing scenes anyway when I'm on set," Donnie told ET recently between scenes on the Blue Bloods set. "It just seemed like a natural evolution. But I have to say that despite that it was still a little daunting."

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The show -- which revolves the dramatic lives of a whole family of NYPD cops -- stars Tom Selleck as the patriarch of the Reagan family, as well as prestigious position of New York City Police Commissioner.

"Tom's a TV legend and he's a good actor, smart and he knows the business as good as anyone," Donnie said. "To direct him, you've got to be ready. And believe me I thought I could direct in Season 1, but I wanted to take a few years and get a few seasons under my belt before I even dared to step behind the camera and say 'cut' to Tom Selleck."

Tom said that generally on the set, actors don't tell other actors what to do, but in this case, he said Donnie stepped comfortable into the director's role. "It was just weird the first couple of times to hear him say, 'Cut,' or 'Don't do that...and I just got used to that," Tom said. "That being said, Donnie is a talented man and talented actor, and he brings that to directing and I can already see that. It's very reassuring for an actor to work with another actor as a director, because they get what we do."   

Watch the video for more, including the cast members revealing who ends up eating the most during elaborate dinner scenes and to hear Donnie give a preview of his new A&E reality show Wahlburgers.

The episode of Blue Bloods -- in which Donnie's character investigates the murder of a popular drag queen from a reality television -- airs tonight at 10 p.m. on CBS.