Chelsea to Justin Bieber: 'Don't Go Out'


The always irreverent Chelsea Handler is in the Big Apple to host her SiriusXM Radio show and join the Super Bowl party circuit this weekend, and now she's weighing in on today's pop culture news with ET's Rocsi Diaz, from a twerking Helen Mirren to Britney and Gaga's announced team-up to Miley Cyrus' advice to the embattled Justin Bieber...

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Miley offered a little advice for Justin given his recent legal troubles last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, saying, "You've got a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you don't get into trouble and party at your house. Buy a house and add a club to it."
Chelsea's reaction? "Great advice ... that's exactly what he should be doing. Don't go out. It's okay to party and have fun and be crazy, but don't hurt other people. You have to do that in the confines of your home. And yeah, I'm all about that. I've got a party at my house all the time. ... I'm just a danger to myself, not to others."

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So what's the SiriusXM Radio connection for Chelsea? "We're simulcasting my [TV] show on Sirius XM Comedy Channel 99 starting February 9, so I'm here to promote that."

As for who she's rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday, watch the video for the answer, plus her priceless and surprising reactions to that twerking Helen Mirren moment and the Britney/Gaga team-up...